This morning, most of the herd were grazing around South Pool; Bonnie was hiding under a tree for some reason. I mooched through the swampy grass surrounding the pool looking for Jack Snipe that have arrived over the past few days – from Denmark I think. Bonnie was still under the tree when I moved off to Middle Marsh twenty minutes later. On my return late morning, Bonnie and Clyde were laying down together in the grass.


This swan seems to like North Pond, it’s been there a while. I shot the image at around 4.45pm today.

Swan on North Pond

These fungi are growing in a dark, wet wood on Wilden Marsh. I’m not an expert, but I think these are shaggy scalycap: poisonous and best avoided if my identification is correct.

Shaggy scalycap fungi

The herd are well into their winter grazing program, and the new belties have taken to it like petrol to flames. Just look at them devouring the tough grass around South Pool.

It’s time I named the newcomers. I can’t keep referring to them as the new belties. I have had time to evaluate the characters and have experienced their escapades. They are turning out to be little terrors, in the nicest possible way. These likeable beasts might well turn out to be worthy replacements for Wayne and Waynetta. The names I’m thinking of are, Bonnie and Clyde.


The two new young belted Galloway cattle, one cow and one bullock, are coming along nicely. They now come to me and will allow me to touch them briefly.

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