I am experimenting with BadgerCam trying to record decent daylight badger videos, but Wilden Marsh badgers don’t like coming out of their setts until it is dark. I am seeing plenty of nighttime badger activity. I am hoping warm weather and increasing daylight will entice badgers into the light. This muntjac stag has a problem with lice, and the squirrel is having its lunch.

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I walked into this honeybee swarm this morning; they were all over me in seconds, but I didn’t get stung. Honeybees sense fear and attack if they feel threatened. Stay calm, and they will stay calm too; at least this proved to be the case for me.

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These are the video clips from BadgerCam, which is placed 200 metres from FoxCam in the Flooded Wood Pasture. The recordings were made between midday and 2 pm today. I think it is the same vixen captured by both camera traps. Notice how the vixen’s behaviour differs between each camera trap.

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I have FoxCam and BadgerCam helping me speed up the camera trapping of the Flooded Wood Pasture. This is BagerCam’s footage at around 10 am this morning. I don’t know what this vixen is scooping up and eating.

(Please click on the image below to watch the video)

After working my way through 185 boring15 second long video clips of mice, pigeons and crows, two otters came along to make my day worthwhile. I arrived a few minutes later to collect the memory card, so it is highly likely I scared them back into the river.

(Click on the image below to watch the video.)

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