How would you like this big boy blocking your escape route because you won’t open the gate to the Tenant Farmer’s Field?

How brown is my valley?

It’s that time of year again! As each day passes, my verdant oasis is turning into a drab brown scraggy place. I know it’s natural, an annual event, and I should be used to it by now, but my daily life does have less sparkle.

As Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve pulls remaining energy deep into its roots, I have to change my mindset and enter winter mode, too. I need to concentrate on getting the marsh ready for spring and the next growing season. Like the marsh, I, its volunteers, and the cattle must busy ourselves with getting rid of the dead growth in readiness for the new.

South Pool

South Pool

Heavy rain in and around Kidderminster resulted in the River Stour breaking its banks and flooding the marsh a week last Saturday night. A kind Wyre Forest Ranger messaged me and offered to move the cattle to higher ground on that Saturday morning (thanks Adam Hamilton). A week later and the rain was still falling on a thoroughly waterlogged marsh. The River Stour water level gauge app on my phone indicated a risk of imminent flooding. I didn’t fancy moving the cattle to safety in pouring rain and darkness, so I drove them into Hillary Road Field last Saturday around midday. The river didn’t break its banks on this occasion.

My plan this morning (Monday) is to let the herd out of Hillary Road Field and walk it through Riverside Pasture. I’ll record progress on my iPhone.

West side ponies

West side ponies this afternoon.


Mallard 2


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