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I wish I had this amount of grass in North Pasture at the moment. The herd has had free access to all the northern pastures for the last six weeks and have eaten pretty much everything on offer; the new grass is not happening yet. This photograph shows Waynetta in North Pasture at the end of January last year. Sixteen rare breed cattle grazed Wilden Marsh at the end of November last… Read More

One month old Nia Shetland survived the Beast from the East, and her first real soaking when the sky opened and dropped a deluge on the herd and me.”Bucketing down” is not too strong a term to use here. Nia was surprised, shocked and bedraggled in seconds; she quickly sought the protection of a nearby leafless oak tree in the North Riverside Pasture. Then, as quickly as it started, the rain stopped… Read More

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