The Wilden Marsh Blog


I have great hopes for another successful breeding season at Wilden Marsh heronry next year, especially after the recent improvement work carried out there by CRC Ecology. The clearance work was not easy, with water on the island being waist deep, and a large number of heavy tree trunks having to be removed to the mainland across the river. The herons appear to approve of the new open water around their heronry, and I… Read More

I think Wayne and Waynetta, the belted Galloway cattle, have stronger survival instincts than any of the twelve Shetlands of the herd. The Galloways are eating as much as possible of everything edible in the Riverside/Hoo brook Pastures at the moment, whilst the Shetlands are laid back and more concerned about palatability of their grazing. This video shows the two Galloways consistently browsing the woody scrub, whilst the Shetlands stand around or lie down chewing the cud. The… Read More

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