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Too much rotting organic matter, such as leaves and other dead vegetation, resting on the pond bottom reduces water oxygen levels and is detrimental to pond wildlife. The steep bank on the left contributes to the pond high nutrient levels, too. However, some dead organic matter is useful as a substrate for plants and invertebrates. The best time to rake out a pond is autumn, before wildlife and minibeasts go into hibernation… Read More

After a four-week rest, courtesy of Australian flu, I started clearing the Great Crested Newt Pond today, at the northern end of the Swamp. At the beginning of 2017, a small copse surrounding the GCN pond was removed. The water in the pond is now too nutrient-rich, so the time has come to remove the rotting vegetation and some of the bull rushes clogging this narrow strip of standing water. I’ve cleared… Read More