The Wilden Marsh Blog


I have had a deep fascination with Wilden Marsh for many years. A new story seems to present itself with every night visit. Moonlit evenings provide the best atmosphere. I’m never lonely or afraid when walking through the blackness of a nighttime marsh, with its strange noises, fleeting shadows, and darting will-o-the-wisps. I am sometimes accompanied by lingering ghosts that whisper in my ears of long forgotten secrets and conjure visions from… Read More

The history of Wilden Marsh and its immediate surrounding areas has interested me for some considerable time. I know everywhere has a history, but often much is forgotten, lost or ignored. Industrial activity started at Wilden Village during 1511 with the establishment of a water powered fulling mill by William Baylly. In 1633, the fulling mill was converted to a slitting mill, and then to a finery forge. Between 1692 and 1707,… Read More

Yesterday, Bank Holiday Monday, I trotted down to the North Riverside Pasture laden with cameras, a sturdy tripod, binoculars, a chair hide, and a large shoulder bag filled with photography essentials. My plan was to practice being patient, something I have not been very good at as I’ve grown older. Also, I’ve glimpsed muntjac deer creeping about in daylight lately, so I would try to film them. I set up my hide, tripod… Read More

Sunrise: 06.07     Sunset: 06.24 The marsh is showing signs of greening-up.