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Sunrise: 07.09 Sunset: 05.37 The living otter holt is finally finished. The build accounted for 44 work hours in total, which is a reasonable time. Nature has to play her part by facilitating rooting of the willow, greening-up of the structure,  and we need a pregnant otter bitch to take up residence. Also read the following posts: Living Otter Holt Building 5. Living Otter Holt Building – Part 3. Living Otter… Read More

Sunrise: 07.59  Sunset: 03.58 Another marsh workday and 15 of us attack the Hillary Road rubbish tip field again. This is where the marsh cattle are secured when there is a risk of the River Stour flooding; it’s the highest field on the marsh. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into improving this field for the benefit of the cattle and other critter that live there. Trees and bramble bushes… Read More

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