The Wilden Marsh Blog


12th February 2012: The marsh foxes are getting the better of me. I watched the dog fox early this morning, from Hoo Wood, through binoculars, mooching about in the north pasture. He paid no attention to the cattle. He sniffed around a small brash pile that had, or has something living under it; maybe it’s one of his old above ground dens. I have looked down so many holes lately that I… Read More

(Click on image to enlarge) 1st December 2011:  At 09.45, I stood at the river side of the orchid field gate, gazing into the south end of the middle wood. It was cold, and I was waiting for the working party to arrive. Five or six willow tree trunks are marked with red dots, denoting that they would be felled later today. I heard rustling and movement seconds before the sleek, muscular shape… Read More

(Click on images to enlarge) 5th August 2011: The marsh flora is in the process of shutting-down for the winter, and it’s showing all the signs of running rapidly out of steam. It’s as if the high-energy demands made on the marsh by the vegetation during the growing season, have sucked nearly all the water from the soil. The once wet and spongy ground is now dry, hard and dusty. The millions of different… Read More

(Click on images to enlarge) 31st July 2011: Grubbing about in the undergrowth yesterday, flat on my stomach, searching for grasshoppers, reminded me of my childhood: My first meaningful encounter with nature could have been in my father’s garden, or in his allotment. My father grew vegetables and fruit. From a very early age, I was obsessed with digging tunnels. I dug them in my father’s garden, in his allotment; in fact,… Read More

30th July 2011: I had to accept as I walked through Hoo Wood this morning, that autumn is just around the corner. I’m not trying to wish summer away, but I can’t ignore the fact that we are over the best of it now. Many of the plants are wilting and dying-back. Some of the bright green colours are turning to browns and dirty yellows. Most of the blooms have gone. The… Read More