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The 450 metre long Central Drainage Ditch conducts overflow through the South Riverside Pasture to the River Stour; it drains the Flooded Wood Pasture, the Middle Wood, the Rhombus Field, the Orchid Field, and the Riverside Pasture into the River Stour. The ditch is clogged with silt and vegetation and, although still working, I’m wondering if I can make it more wildlife friendly. One option is to use an excavator at the… Read More

Garlic Mustard produces allelochemicals, mainly in the form of the cyanide compounds allyl isothiocyanate and benzyl isothiocyanate, which suppress mycorrhizal fungi that most plants, including native forest trees, require for optimum growth.However, allelochemicals produced by Garlic Mustard do not affect mycorrhizal fungi from Garlic Mustard’s native range, indicating that this “novel weapon” in the invaded range explains Garlic Mustard’s success. Trampling encourages additional seed growth by disturbing the soil. Seeds buried in the… Read More

Regular readers will be aware that we at Wilden Marsh have declared war on invasive Himalayan balsam. Our main weapon, a herd of ten rare breed Shetland cattle, has not yet won its first battles in the Riverside or Hoo Brook pastures, nor did we expect that it would. The cattle will regroup to attack the menace again when it arrives on the battlefield next year. Our secondary weapon, The Marsh Volunteering Group,… Read More

If you have trouble viewing this vid, you can watch it on YouTube here.

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