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I found a hornet nest this morning, in an old woodpecker’s oak tree hole. Hornets are beneficial insects. The main difference between wasps and hornets is their size. Hornets are larger than wasps, which is one of the main reasons why they scare some people; but hornets are really quite docile, shy creatures. Another difference is the colour. Wasps which are usually yellow and black, hornets are more orangey-red, although this does… Read More

Wilden Marsh is in the middle of its injurious and invasive plant growing season right now, and I’m yet again attempting to control their spread. I like to encourage as wide a range of vegetation as possible on the marsh that is advantageous to fauna and the Reserve, as long as the injurious and invasive plants can can be controlled  and the animals eating them are not being poisoned. It’s not the… Read More

Lesser celandine is another herald of spring to look out for.

Well I’ve cleared a 20 metre long by 2-3 metre wide section of the Central Drainage Ditch to a depth of 600mm, with sloping sides, which will serve as Pool 2. What I like about this open ditch section is its lack of sharp and straight bank edges, and the natural appearance. My aim is to split the 450 metre long Central Drainage Ditch into manageable sections for ease of manual maintenance,… Read More

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