The Wilden Marsh Blog


Sunrise: 06.14 Sunset: 08.06 I have not seen her change her expression, her coat, or her hair style, nor have I seen pieces of uneaten insects in her beard. I guess she is just what a male of the species will soon be searching in August and September.

Sunrise: 06.27 Sunset: 07.55

Sunrise: 06.30 Sunset: 06.08 Almost every evening over the last couple of months, on my walk through Hoo Wood, I’ve passed this walnut spider sitting outside her nest in a rotting birch tree.

Sunrise: 06.44 Sunset: 05.57 The walnut is not in her usual place again tonight; she is probably in her nest. I knock gently on the birch trunk with my camera lens, to the right of her nest entrance, and out she swings on a thread. I think I am building a relationship with this spider; if she is pleased to see me when I come a-knocking, we definitely have something developing.

Sunrise: 07.07 Sunset: 05.39 Every evening I creep up on this walnut’s nest; every evening she is waiting for me just outside her front door. Her body is as big as my fist. She spits at my torch beam: arachnophobes nightmare, if truth be told.  She is beautiful, though, and I can’t resist stealing her image. She’ll not accept my company for long and soon retreats indoors.