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Back in October 2014, with help from the Wilden Marshers, I built an insect hotel (basically a square log pile with a waterproof roof) from willow and alder we were coppicing at the time. It is sited on the east bank of North Pond, close to the living otter holt. I intended this part of the North Pasture to be a rough and wild place, and even thought about constructing a hurdle fence around the area to keep… Read More

Sunrise: 05.20 Sunset: 08.52 Why are you cutting down the marsh trees? It’s understandable that this question is soon on people’s lips when they see large areas of trees disappearing. Increasingly, these days, we expect plausible answers to our questions. Nature should be left to its own devices, is a common retort from those that have not yet considered the relevance, practicality or cost of maintaining trees in an urban setting, let… Read More

Sunrise: 07.59  Sunset: 03.58 Another marsh workday and 15 of us attack the Hillary Road rubbish tip field again. This is where the marsh cattle are secured when there is a risk of the River Stour flooding; it’s the highest field on the marsh. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into improving this field for the benefit of the cattle and other critter that live there. Trees and bramble bushes… Read More

THE WILDEN MARSH VOLUNTEER CONSERVATION WORKDAYS ARE HELD ON THE FOLLOWING 2016/2017DATES. The meeting place will be announced in the Group email a week before the workday. JANUARY        :  Tuesday 10th January 2017                            :  Sunday 10th January 2017 is a Wilden Marsh Taster Day                                     :  Sunday 29th January 2017                  FEBRUARY     :   Tuesday 14th and Sunday 26th 2017 MARCH            :  Tuesday 14th and Sunday 26th 2017 APRIL… Read More