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22nd September 2012:. There are nine or ten cattle in Voglestrom Finkelstein’s wood: cows and calves. Their eyes shine like amesyths. No, I really mean it! They peer from behind the trees as beasts of the night. I wonder if they have somehow upset Volgle, and if he has turned them into vampire cows as protection against Grinygrowlers. I shudder to think how unsettling it will be seeing their glowing eyes moving… Read More

“I remember very well, Grinmleck,” Vogle answered, menacingly. Vogle calls me Grinmleck, but I am not yet able to translate the meaning of the word. “The night was warm and dry. I decided to leave the party after a few hours, rather than spend the whole night at the Bogler’s,” recalled Vogle.” The Boglers are well-known for their hospitality, their wild parties, and the very strong ‘blow your brains out’ apple and… Read More

(Click on images to enlarge) Children and grown-ups of a certain disposition: These are the tales of Grinygrowlers, Rumblows, Long Tall Grinners, Boglers, Munties and many other creatures that wander the marsh by night and by day. These are tales told to me by Voglestrom Finkelstein, a five hundred-year-old goblin. I have sat huddled in front of Vogle, on cold dark damp nights, for many hours listening to stories of his life… Read More