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Sunrise: 06.31 Sunset: 07.41 A specialist ecology company started work on the north marsh last week, removing trees from the west bank of the North Pond chain. They have done a nice job so far; the area now looks like how I imagined it would. I wandered down to the pond yesterday morning. A lot of hornets were flying about, both European Vespa Crabro and the Asian vespa velutina ( The latter… Read More

Sunrise: 04.46    Sunset: 09.33 I am pretty sure the hornet that has been terrorising me in Hoo Wood is Vespa crabro, a European hornet. The killer insect referred to in this Telegraph article, responsible for decimating the bee population of France and attacking people, is the Asian hornet Vespa velutina. Apparently, these arrived in France in 2004 hidden in a consignment of pottery from China. I read this article and recognised the… Read More