The Wilden Marsh Blog


Things are happening in the woods tonight; slugs are on the move, slowly climbing trunks and crawling over stumps. I counted 26 slugs, in extended line, on the trunk of a single birch tree. I think it might be egg laying time.

Sunrise: 07.11 Sunset: 05.35 . . . and I live in a rotten birch tree: in that hole there!

Sunrise: 07.29  Sunset: 04.17 This slug doesn’t seem to mind the 4 degree C temperature this evening, and its about to get a 3 degrees colder.

Sunrise: 07.16  Sunset: 06.39 I’ve been tree climbing slug hunting in Hoo Wood this evening, and I was not disappointed. Does anyone know what is going on here?

Sunrise: 07.14  Sunset: 06.41