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Sunrise: 04.58  Sunset: 09.15 I mentioned in ‎about owl perches in trees alongside North Pond, when ground cover was not as dense as it has been of late. I photographed this tawny in May 2012 . I‎ am hoping that improvements around the pond will encourage this owl, and others like it, to return to the safety of the pond area.  

21st May 2012: I had planned to go owling yesterday evening, but the light wasn’t good enough. I had an idea of an image I would like to shoot, and I wasn’t going to get it without strong evening sunlight. Instead, I sat on my recliner, in front of the television, eating biscuits and drinking beer like a regular couch potato. This evening was a very different story. The weather was warm, sunny… Read More

(Click the links below to hear the owl calls) It’s owl watching time for me in Hoo Wood and on the marsh. The hooting, tooting and screeching is hard to ignore on dark, cold autumn evenings. In local wildlife terms, owls are at the top of the tree in my estimation: above herons and buzzards. There are Tawny Owls, Barn Owls, Long Eared Owls, Short Eared Owls, and Little Owls living in the Wilden… Read More