The Wilden Marsh Blog


29th April 2012: I did manage to get a couple of flying house martin images, yesterday. House martins are very quick and agile performers, and to see so many in one place and to watch their acrobatics was an experience I wouldn’t have wanted to miss, no matter how awful the weather was. It just goes to show that productive days can be had, no matter what the conditions. I don’t have is… Read More

28th April 2012: It was  cold, dark, and wet today. Only the hardy animals and me were out on the marsh. North Pond is full of water, no doubt aided by the River Stour breaking it’s banks the other night. A lot of rubbish has been flushed down the river, but there is still too much debris strewn along the banks. There were hundreds of swallows zooming, ducking and diving all over the extreme southern end… Read More