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Sunrise: 06.22 am   Sunset: 07.54 Walking through Hoo Wood this morning, totally absorbed in my search for bugs in the bushes, I heard what sounded like gas escaping from an aerosol can. I tried unsuccessfully to locate the source by moving my head in various directions. Finally, my gaze fell to my feet. There on the ground in front of me, rubbing its body against one of my boots was the largest adder… Read More

Sunrise: 05.08 am   Sunset: 09.22 pm

Sunrise: 05.02 am   Sunset: 09.27 pm The sun has shone for a week and is forecast to continue of at least a month, the bees, hover-flies and other flying insects reign  supreme at the moment. My dog made the mistake of diving down what he thought was a  newly dug badger’s sett, in Hoo Wood this morning, only to discover that the badger had been digging-up a bee nest. Spike came out… Read More

23rd October 2012: I took these photographs of Spike early this morning in Hoo Wood.