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Sunrise: 08.18  Sunset: 03.59

Sunrise: 08.02  Sunset: 03.57

Sunrise: 07.55  Sunset: 04.00 I visited the area of the otter holt, and the well-worn track from the river through the south pool today. I couldn’t find otter prints – plenty of fox prints, though – but I did find an otter run through the grass: one going out towards the holt, and another along side coming back.

Sunrise: 07.48  Sunset: 04.04 I noticed a well-worn track leading to and through the south pool the other day. It was a cold morning with thin ice-covered standing water. The track narrowed on its way back to the river. The image shows a single track splitting in two. The left branch leads to a flooded wood, and the right crosses the pool to join the main vehicular track to the Reserve entrance…. Read More

Sunrise: 07.25  Sunset: 04.20