Birch Catkins.

Sunrise 08:14 am      Sunset: 04:21 pm

I came across brand new birch catkins today, in a hidden part of Hoo Wood.

The male catkins appear in autumn, as it begins getting cold. It is not known why; it might be that the male catkin simply requires more time to form than the female, which appears in spring. During spring, the tassel-like catkins display yellowish or grayish green flowers that produce aromatic pollen. The pollen tends to travel on the wind as insects are not attracted to the flowers, perhaps because of their dull colouring.

The female catkins will form into cones during the summer. The cone colours vary from deep brown to a tan, though they may also have a reddish tinge. The cones will open in late summer and fall in autumn. It may take a few years before a Birch Tree reaches adulthood.

IMG_176911TH JANUARY 2013a IMG_178111TH JANUARY 2013a