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Sunrise 08:14 am      Sunset: 04:21 pm

Sunrise 08:14 am      Sunset: 04:21 pm I came across brand new birch catkins today, in a hidden part of Hoo Wood. The male catkins appear in autumn, as it begins getting cold. It is not known why; it might be that the male catkin simply requires more time to form than the female, which appears in spring. During spring, the tassel-like catkins display yellowish or grayish green flowers that produce… Read More

Sunrise 08:14 am      Sunset: 04:21 pm The birch polypore is host specific and the most common and widespread bracket fungi in a Dark Wood. The white flesh is soft, corky, and fragrant.  Despite its pleasant smell, it is bitter and inedible.

Sunrise 08:15 am      Sunset: 04:19 pm Last evening was misty and wet, wet, wet, with the trees and vegetation dripping; even so, there were a few moths and spiders out and about braving the elements. Our weather in the UK is poised to enter a phase of freezing cold, snowy conditions for the next month, or back to relatively warm wet conditions.

Sunrise 08:15 am      Sunset: 04:19 pm