The Wilden Marsh Blog


20th December 2011:   Judging by the amount of rubbish – plastic bottles, mainly – left stranded high and dry between the branches of small trees and bushes that grow along the banks, the River Stour water level must have increased considerably at some point during the last couple of weeks. I photographed the mink opposite, this morning. The mink is wearing a plastic necklace that once held four cans of beer together…. Read More

25th October 2011:  I’ve just arrived home from the wood. It is pouring with rain, and has been so for a little more than an hour. After months of mainly dry conditions, we could do with some decent rain. My dog is constipated, and he has suffered for the last four to five days. He has not been a happy dog at all. The last couple of days he has not wanted to… Read More