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I replaced gate ties on the North Marsh this afternoon. Over time the posts lean away from the gates; the locking bolts are then too short, so I have to tie the gates shut with rope. For some reason, the cattle wouldn’t follow me into North Pasture; they stood at the fully open gate and bellowed until I was out off sight. On my return, over an hour later, the herd, with… Read More

Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve is in flood! No surprise there I hear you say. It’s a marsh after all and flooding naturally happens from time to time. For some people, flooding can be a disaster. The arrival of large quantities of swirling muddy water on Wilden Marsh is generally a good thing. The surging flows laden with upstream minerals flush longstanding nutrient-rich waters from ponds, pools, scrapes and stagnant puddles. Also delivered… Read More

Gill and I went on our regular nature walk of the local areas around Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve yesterday.

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