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The River Stour was in big flood yesterday, as opposed to being in great flood. In a big flood, River Stour waters trickle over its bank onto the marsh. In a great flood, the waters gush over the riverbanks and turn much of Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve into a series of lakes. Marsh flooding is not a problem because it’s a natural floodplain and flooding is a natural event. What’s really nasty,… Read More

(Click on images to enlarge) 25th April 2012: Rain, rain, rain … rain! This has been the majority of our weather lately. Hoo Brook was around 4 feet higher than normal this evening. The River Stour is higher than I have ever seen it: inches from overflowing into North Pond. For the last three years, I have walked past a bend in the river where a large accumulation of floating rubbish has been… Read More