The Wilden Marsh Blog


This North Pond Robin knows about everything on its patch. It is inquisitive, investigates everything, and takes its time viewing visitors from every angle.

I pulled into the layby at the south marsh entrance this evening, opened my car boot and removed my bag and jacket. My nose twitched at the unmistakable niff of rotting carcass. A dead fox lay stretched out on the ground not more than a couple of metres away. The south marsh fox has copped it, I thought. I didn’t fancy getting close enough to examine or poke at it. Eau de Long Dead Fox is not one of… Read More

A misconceived flood alleviation project carried out during the 1970s, resulted in dredging of the River Stour and the removal of its historic weir at Wilden. The project caused severe hydrological problems. As the marsh dried out, important and rare wetland flora and fauna struggled to survive. The whole wetland ecosystem became increasingly endangered. To help rewet the marsh, the Environment Agency installed two new rock weirs during 2010: one mid marsh… Read More

A view north across South Pool. Attempts to drop the water level here have not been successful so far this year: too much ground water is feeding the pool. At the far end, new flag iris shoots are pushing above the water surface. At the south end of the pool a sluice controls water outflow into the River Stour. There are three places along the marsh where water outflows into the river: the… Read More

This scene shows the south marsh at its drabbest, but look closely and signs of new growth are there. I’m really eager to witness this year’s great growth explosion. Canada geese and ducks are wandering and flying around in large groups and making lots of noise in the process.