The Wilden Marsh Blog


Five of the Wilden Marsh herd arrived back on the marsh today, having enjoyed a two month holiday at Chaddesley Wood: Wayne and Waynetta Galloway, and Tulip, Jill, and Buttercup Shetland. Other cattle will arrive when the new growing season starts.

When I arrived at the Rhombus Field today the herd came running, mooing and bellowing. What I heard was: “We’ve had enough of this Rhombus Field, Mr. Mike!” Cutting willow and alder scrub in the Orchid Field was my plan for the day, so I thought this a good opportunity to get the cattle in there also. I moved quickly through the herd, hoping it would follow me, and hopped from one… Read More

I didn’t get down to the Reserve until late this afternoon and was pleased to see the cattle still at ease in the Rhombus Field. They were eating rush on a drier part of the field, with the gate open, and didn’t follow me out when I left them; in fact, they hardly acknowledged my presence, so they must have felt very much at ease. Will the same strategy work in the… Read More

The Rhombus and Orchid Fields are very wet mid marsh mires with concealed drainage ditches, and a lot of scrub vegetation growing unchecked throughout. The cattle feel insecure in these fields; I think they are concerned about getting stuck in the glutinous mud. When the marsh cattle are uncomfortable, they moan, groan and are not slow in letting me know they are unhappy.  I prefer a happy herd, and like to do… Read More

The Wilden Marsh herd has almost eaten itself out of house and home, and is off on holiday at the end of this month, immediately on completion of TB testing. In January next year, after two month R&R grazing in and around Chaddesley Corbett Wood, a smaller and mostly pregnant herd will return to Wilden Marsh to continue winter grazing. A new generation of rare breed Shetland calves will be born on… Read More