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Sunrise: 05. 44   Sunset: 08.29  

Sunrise: 06.39 am   Sunset: 07.32 Well, autumn is fast approaching; I think it begins around 21st September. Leaves are dropping. Squirrels are throwing acorns at me, and the lovely warmth of late has given way to much cooler, wetter weather. Daylight is being lost at a rate of around 4 minutes each day, and the marsh vegetation is receding. Preparations for the nature reality show “Night time on Wilden Marsh” are… Read More

11th July 2012: With the vegetation being so high the most common animal to be seen on the marsh is a rabbit. Where there are rabbits, there are foxes, and I saw a fox at North Pond this evening. If it wasn’t for swans, ducks, coots, insects and wild flowers, I wouldn’t see anything to photograph. There are landscapes, of course, but don’t find landscapes much fun. If I keep my camera… Read More

5th February 2012: It snowed last evening and overnight. This morning I thought the snow cover offered an excellent opportunity to see how much animal activity occurred on the marsh since 4 pm yesterday. Entering the marsh at the Hoo Brook end, early this afternoon, I saw a pair of boot prints stretching out ahead of me and another, the same boot print, coming back along the track and out onto Wilden… Read More