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This image was captured in the flooded withy wood. The camera trap was setup on a well used track and its infrared flash covered in a double thickness of women’s tights. The proximity sensor was part covered on two sides with tape to narrow its field of sensitivity. I don’t know what happened next, but I doubt it was good news for the rabbit.

4th October 2012:

14th July 2012: I wore glasses with Realtree camouflaged lens to hide my eyes, and held my camera high to cover my mouth and break up the shape of my head. This little rabbit wasn’t sure if it should run or hide. It decided to hide until it could identify me as a threat. After taking the image, I slowly lowered the glasses to let the rabbit see my eyes,  the bunny immediately… Read More

(Click on image to enlarge) 15th September 2011: I am hiding amongst trees at the north end of North Pond, settling down to a bit of watching and waiting – a fun thing to do, if you have the time. The evening light is beginning to fade. Something has spooked a cock pheasant at the far end of the line of trees that extend to the electricity pylon. This is where Poncey lives; he… Read More