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Sunrise: 07.55 Sunset: 04.00 At the southern end of the marsh, close to the main entrance, are perhaps a dozen very old gnarled and twisted willow pollards – reminding me of Lowry’s stick men and women bent by the ravages of time and long, long struggle in dark satanic mills. I don’t know how old our living willow sculptures are, but pollarding can help a tree live for more than a thousand years. These… Read More

Sunrise: 08.14  Sunset: 03.56 I am wearing my warden’s hat whilst writing this post. We are about to start clearance work at the northern and wilder end of the marsh; around the North Pond chain and in the swamp beyond it. This post is my attempt to address potential questions and concerns some locals and others might have when they become aware of increased north marsh activity, and particularly when trees are disappearing… Read More

Sunrise: 07.46  Sunset: 04.05 The first end of the month Sunday work day went well today. The weather was dry and cold. A brash fire kept us warm during the morning break and lunch. The next Wilden Marsh Volunteer Work Days are on Tuesday 3rd and Sunday 28th December. Why not come along and join us?