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There are plenty of fish swimming around in various Wilden Marsh ponds and pools, and North Pond is a particular favourite with pike, trout and eels. I found this dead pike in North Pond this morning with two puncture marks close to its head, either a result of a heron stabbing or, more likely I think, otter teeth. Otters will be dining on toads in North Pond at the moment, and probably… Read More

6th April 2012:  The half eaten pike and the separated back section of its spine, has disappeared from the river bank. Looking again at the photograph, the fish seems to have a mouth full of gravel. Perhaps it was already dead and an otter had pulled it out onto the bank, or maybe a flood washed it there.  However it arrived on the bank, it is likely that an otter had eaten some of… Read More

5th April 2012: It was a Wilden Marsh workday today, and this was found on the riverbank, by Mike Averill, the Worcestershire Dragonfly Recorder. After much discussion and consultation, we decided that the unfortunate fish was a pike, but we were not absolutely sure. Is it, a pike or a salmon? Someone will confirm, either way, in due course. Having now looked at the photographs, I think it is a pike. The fish was… Read More