The Wilden Marsh Blog


I’m off to check on the marsh herd in the Falling Sands Nature Area! Would you like to come along?

This is Hoo Brook Pasture at the northern border of Wilden Marsh; the newest of our reinstated pastures. It’s going to take a few years to bring this willow and alder scrub infested area up to standard – it was a wood three years ago. We might spend time here on Sunday, depending on how we get on in Riverside Pasture. This pasture is too dry and might be considered in decline… Read More

The heron chicks are growing fast. The heronry is greening up very quickly, too, and soon I won’t be able to see them at all apart from high up on Hoo Wood ridge. I’m filming the herons from a distance of 150 metres today. I can get closer, but it’s difficult to get a clear view and it’s very wet and boggy around the heronry. They herons also fly away when I… Read More

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