The Wilden Marsh Blog


(Click on images to enlarge) 13th March 2012: My mind was not in the right place this evening. Standing with my back against the bushes that grow along this section of the River Severn, I stared across the north pasture. I was waiting for the marsh fox to push its way under the lagoon field fence. This is one of my favourite watching places. Hoo Wood stretches in a north to south… Read More

5th February 2012: It snowed last evening and overnight. This morning I thought the snow cover offered an excellent opportunity to see how much animal activity occurred on the marsh since 4 pm yesterday. Entering the marsh at the Hoo Brook end, early this afternoon, I saw a pair of boot prints stretching out ahead of me and another, the same boot print, coming back along the track and out onto Wilden… Read More