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(Click on images to enlarge) 16th May 2012: We have wild carrots, turnips, garlic, mustard and a surfeit of Canada geese on the marsh at the moment. If potatoes grew here too, I would have all the ingredients for a decent marsh Sunday dinner. Stuffing one of the five good-sized puffballs that are growing at the edge of the swamp, with something tasty – pheasant, rabbit and duck, perhaps – would make… Read More

5th April 2012: It was a Wilden Marsh workday today, and this was found on the riverbank, by Mike Averill, the Worcestershire Dragonfly Recorder. After much discussion and consultation, we decided that the unfortunate fish was a pike, but we were not absolutely sure. Is it, a pike or a salmon? Someone will confirm, either way, in due course. Having now looked at the photographs, I think it is a pike. The fish was… Read More

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