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I found one of my camera traps in withy wood last week, one of two I had misplaced: forgotten where I had placed them. Going through the images this evening I found this one, and you have to wonder what happened next? At first glance I though it was a rat, but I think it’s an otter.

I have 5 camera traps out on the marsh. Mike Averill, a fellow marsher, puts out his single trap on the bank of the River Stour for two nights and bags an otter, a mink, a fox, a badger, and geese. Mike has not sent me the badger image. Just how lucky can a person get? I’m sure it’s beginner’s luck, but you have to hand it to him: he has brought… Read More

Sunrise: 05. 34   Sunset: 08.38 At the bottom of this image, 3/4 in from the left, are a couple of pieces of animal droppings. It smelt sweet and tasted of fish, so it is definitely otter spraint; it’s too small for mink, and their droppings smell and taste pretty rancid.  The spraint is right outside a hole Mike Averill and I dug under a big old oak tree, right on the… Read More

Our weather has been marvellous over the last few weeks; it has encouraged nature to get a move on. According to the weather forecasters, changes will occur tomorrow: clouds  and rain will predominate. It will be cooler, too. I guess life can’t be good all the time. The marsh and Hoo Wood are leafing-up nicely. Birds are nesting; vixens are tending their cubs; cattle are happily chewing new grass, and wild plant… Read More

Sunrise: 05.26    Sunset: 09.27 8 days, over the past 8 months, have been spent clearing willow and birch scrub along the east bank of the North Pond chain. Today I asked volunteers to remove a dense area of 2 to 3 metre high birch and willow saplings, and a good deal of bramble, from a track-way we are opening up. It didn’t take long to break through the scrub and rediscovered the most… Read More

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