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Mike Averill sent me this image of otter Spraint containing perch scales that he found at the River Stour downstream weir. Thanks Mike.

Sunrise: 05. 34   Sunset: 08.38 At the bottom of this image, 3/4 in from the left, are a couple of pieces of animal droppings. It smelt sweet and tasted of fish, so it is definitely otter spraint; it’s too small for mink, and their droppings smell and taste pretty rancid.  The spraint is right outside a hole Mike Averill and I dug under a big old oak tree, right on the… Read More

(Click on image to enlarge) 14th April 2012: A few people have asked me lately, what otter spraint looks like. Well, this is what otter spraint looks like. If you are not sure, break the spraint up in the palm of your hand. If it smells sweet, perhaps a like lavender, it is otter spraint. If it smells awful, it is mink spraint.