The Wilden Marsh Blog


Sunrise: 07.29 Sunset: 06.21 It was calm, windy, cold, warm, dry, cloudy, and it poured on the marsh today. In spite of the varied weather conditions, Mike Averill and I managed to finish the butterfly log pile we began building a few months back. There is some titivating still to do over the winter months, but at least it’s functional and another job I can cross off my to-do list. We will… Read More

Sunrise: 06.32 Sunset: 07.52 It’s a pile of logs and twigs alright, but one that’s securely pegged and tied-down. It’s not a good idea to place loose logs on a river bank: a flood can easily float them away downstream. The untidy pile of logs and twigs is an experimental otter holt placed on a dry high point, above the flood water level, at the extreme northern edge of the Reserve, close… Read More