The Wilden Marsh Blog


Sunrise: 07.55  Sunset: 04.00 This is a view looking south from Hoo Brook. The new corridor is through the  gate on the right. The sun is sinking below the horizon, or the new development on the old sugar beet factory site.

Sunrise: 07.20  Sunset: 04.25 This is a view looking east from North Pond. In the foreground is the north end of the north pasture. The north corridor runs from right to left at the fence. Behind the pasture and corridor is the withy wood, and in the distance is Hoo Wood. Wilden Lane runs from right to left, between withy wood and Hoo Wood.

Sunrise: 06.43  Sunset: 07.24 Withy Wood to the right, north corridor in the middle, and north pasture to the left.