Cullum and Red Dog in Hoobrook Pasture.

Last year we improved Hoobrook Pasture, by removing most of the invasive trees and scrub. We were rewarded with an invasion of Himalayan balsam early this year. Although the cattle ate the balsam, my camera traps recorded minimal animal activity, until now: 40 minutes of fox and badger activity was recorded on Thursday night/Friday morning.

Hoo Brook Brown Rat.

It was dark, mild, and wet on the marsh this morning, and just about showing a glimmer of dawn when I returned home for breakfast.

Of the two camera traps I am monitoring at the moment, only RatCam had captured action overnight. The camera’s IR lighting is all over the place on this video: a sign that the batteries need replacing, perhaps.

Maybe the lighting adds to the grimness of the subject; although, I think the brown rat is lovely.

Brown Ratty is in a good place: rarely do I see signs of this rodent’s predators on the mud bank outside his home.