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This muntjac deer sauntered past me at the pond this afternoon and climbed the ramp to the northern corral as if it hadn’t a care in the world. It looked at me a few times, so it knew I was there. I even walked twenty metres to the fence, where my camera was hanging on a post, and it still showed no concern. Maybe it was ill. Muntjac deer usually race away… Read More

Sunrise: 07.31 Sunset: 05.16

Sunrise: 06.39 am   Sunset: 07.32 Well, autumn is fast approaching; I think it begins around 21st September. Leaves are dropping. Squirrels are throwing acorns at me, and the lovely warmth of late has given way to much cooler, wetter weather. Daylight is being lost at a rate of around 4 minutes each day, and the marsh vegetation is receding. Preparations for the nature reality show “Night time on Wilden Marsh” are… Read More