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A recent Worcestershire Wildlife Trust tweet about the origin of the word ‘heunt’, an old Worcestershire name for mole, pronounced ‘oounts’ or ‘unts’ in Monmouthshire, triggered a memory from my distant past. Way back in the late 1960s, I sat enjoying a lunchtime pint of Watney’s Red Barrel in the Crown Inn bar with a new friend. The Crown Inn is nestled alongside the narrow and winding Old Hereford Road at Pantygelli,… Read More

The mole digs and lives in tunnels in the soil; its day consists of digging new and clearing existing tunnels. The spoil from these excavations is pushed to the surface via another hole dug by the mole. It is this process that creates the stereotypical mole hill. It is not the case with every mole, but I have seen tunnels dug partly in soil, and partly in snow. When the snow melts, we are sometimes… Read More

2nd March 2012:  It is almost the end of my first week of spring. I noticed a few cherry trees in full bloom whilst driving through Kidderminster early this evening. The wood and the marsh are slowly coming to life. Walking through Hoo Wood this morning I came across tufts of badger hair strewn across a track, evidence of a badger brawl. In the early evening darkness, I heard pecking sounds coming… Read More