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Well, the snow has melted and the drab greens and browns of winter have returned. The welcome exception is the bright yellow blooms that now decorate the spiky gorse bushes in Hoo Wood. A week of snow seems to have encouraged bulbs to push their shoots above-ground, gorse buds to break open, and elder leaves sprout. The growing season appears in a hurry to get started. The bluebell shoots are already visible. I am… Read More

(Click on image to enlarge) 25th January 2013: It doesn’t snow often in the UK Midlands; when it does fall it rarely lasts for more than a week or two. Snow arrived a week ago: early Friday morning. Virgin snow carpeting the marsh offers an excellent opportunity for me to see which animals are active over a known time, and how far and where they have roamed. The snow in Hoo Brook… Read More