The Wilden Marsh Blog


Sunrise: 06.44 Sunset: 07.43 We have a flighty element within the current herd of young cows on the marsh. 158 is the smallest and the most belligerent. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel at all threatened by cows, but when photographing an overflying heron on the weekend, 158 rushed up and gave me a nudge that ruined a perfectly good photo opportunity. 128 and 138 are influenced by the boisterous behaviour of… Read More

Sunrise: 08.19  Sunset: 04.01 Can You believe it? I found this conservation cow asleep on the job this morning. She and her sisters should be clearing the grass before we start work around North Pond on Sunday.

Sunrise: 08.18  Sunset: 04.00 A conservation cow starting work on the wild north marsh.

Sunrise: 07.44  Sunset: 06.03 This is a field that the Wilden Marsh volunteers worked earlier this month. It’s now the cattle’s job to munch down the extremely varied and tough vegetation to a manageable level, before the start of the next year’s  growing and nesting season. The cows are far better than people at conditioning this type of  ground. The field is very boggy, which makes it impossible to mow. The cattle… Read More

22nd September 2012:. There are nine or ten cattle in Voglestrom Finkelstein’s wood: cows and calves. Their eyes shine like amesyths. No, I really mean it! They peer from behind the trees as beasts of the night. I wonder if they have somehow upset Volgle, and if he has turned them into vampire cows as protection against Grinygrowlers. I shudder to think how unsettling it will be seeing their glowing eyes moving… Read More