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Mallards are very good at using their environment as camouflage: here a couple rest amongst horrible assorted debris and floating plastic rubbish in the river slack water. Maybe the ducks feel they are less likely to be attacked by the terribly fierce mink here. Maybe the drake is hiding his mate from other dabbling suitors.

Don’t you dare doze, Mal! We both need to keep our eyes peeled or Ol’ Red will have one of us for his dinner.

2nd February 2012: Today is the first Thursday of the month and a Wilden Marsh workday. I find it surprising just how quickly the months are ticking by! I don’t want to blink and suddenly find that I’ve missed the photographic delights of spring and summer. The pressure of modern living can soon eat into one’s free time. I will need to make a real effort to stay focused this year. The… Read More