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I have not gone into any great detail in this blog, about the variety of Wilden Marsh fauna; so, whilst relaxing in the midday heat of a bar at the port of Paphos, with a few pints of beer to sustain me, I will attempt correct my oversight.  One of the main considerations leading to Wilden Marsh being designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) is the nationally important populations of… Read More

Walking through Hoo Brook Pasture yesterday I shot this image with my iPhone camera. The cattle worked this pasture in May and the first week of June this year, and similarly last year. For many years the growing season produced swathes of willow and alder scrub, 2.5 metres high Himalayan balsam, thistles, nettles and a sea of ragwort in this area. Three years ago, this pasture was Hoo Brook Wood. The cattle ate… Read More

Sunrise: 05.10   Sunset: 09.20 170 metres downstream of the former Falling Sands Rolling Mills and Cottages’ site mentioned in my last post, is another vantage point. I can look across the River Stour and the Staffordshire and Worcester Canal from here, they are only 15 metres apart, to a 6 story high sandstone bank thick with trees and varied sprawling vegetation. The Falling Sand lock is here too, and to its right was… Read More

Sunrise: 05.07   Sunset: 09.23 I have had a deep fascination with Wilden Marsh for many years. A new story seems to present itself with every visit. Moonlit evenings provide the best atmosphere. I’m never lonely or afraid when walking through the blackness of the nighttime marsh, with its strange noises, fleeting shadows, and darting will o the wisps. I am often accompanied by ghosts from its near and distant past, showing… Read More

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