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This image was camera trapped outside the living otter holt; again, using my wife’s tights to control the flash intensity. As you will probably have gathered, I am sorting camera trap images. I have received emails asking for more camera trap images. I will setup a gallery shortly, to satisfy those that crave them.  

Sunrise: 05. 34   Sunset: 08.38 At the bottom of this image, 3/4 in from the left, are a couple of pieces of animal droppings. It smelt sweet and tasted of fish, so it is definitely otter spraint; it’s too small for mink, and their droppings smell and taste pretty rancid.  The spraint is right outside a hole Mike Averill and I dug under a big old oak tree, right on the… Read More

Sunrise: 07.47 Sunset: 06.0o Over three evening recently, I worked the marsh by head-torch light; it’s dark by 6.30 pm. Badgers and the north marsh foxes have spent too much time at the living otter holt, so I built a couple of barriers to keep them outside. At the moment, the foxes can still climb into the holt compound if they really tried, but I am banking on them being too lazy,… Read More

Sunrise: 07.29 Sunset: 06.21 It was calm, windy, cold, warm, dry, cloudy, and it poured on the marsh today. In spite of the varied weather conditions, Mike Averill and I managed to finish the butterfly log pile we began building a few months back. There is some titivating still to do over the winter months, but at least it’s functional and another job I can cross off my to-do list. We will… Read More

Sunrise: 07.05 Sunset: 06.54 I downloaded 145 images from my Otterholt-cam today. These are three of the more intriguing images that I thought might be of an otter when first viewed on a small screen; however, when viewed on my computer screen this evening, it is plain that the visitor is a polecat. There is a time difference of two hours between the first and second images, and two days between the second… Read More