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Sunrise: 05.39 Sunset: 08.35

Sunrise: 05.57 Sunset: 08.19

Sunrise: 08.01 Sunset: 04.42 5 minutes before the big storm. The River Stour has broken its banks quite a few time lately, with all sorts of rubbish being washed downstream.

Sunrise: 04.56 am   Sunset: 09.17 pm

1st July 2012: I went down to the south end of the marsh to check on the cattle this evening. I’m not much interested in landscape photography, but it was such a pleasant evening that I felt compelled to record it. Obviously, the images don’t convey any of marsh sounds, nor the sweet meadow scents carried on a light warm breeze blowing through the grasses. The images probably account for fifty percent of… Read More