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I managed to get the herd back into Hoo Brook Pasture yesterday, without having to call in the Rangers to help out, following the teenager incident on Tuesday night; it took me three days to do it though. When the cattle slipped out of the corral for their early morning drink in Hoo Brook Corridor, I slipped in and closed the gate on them – as simple as that! I tried many… Read More

The herd made the move from Falling Sands Nature Area successfully this morning, crossing the service road and Hoo Brook bridge to access Hoo Brook Pasture; although, they were a bit slow to get going at first. As usual the move disturbed their rest period. I tried to get Waynetta the lead the herd, but she is too easily distracted by tasty morsels. Finally, Tulip picked up her hooves and ran for… Read More

The cattle are having the most marvellous time on the marsh at the moment. They have free access to much of the north marsh and are able the choose the tastiest of new lush vegetation on which to dine; they even have the luxury of turning up their noses at less palatable plants. However, things are about to change! The herd is to embark on some serious work improving Hoo Brook pasture… Read More

Hoo Brook is blocked by a fallen tree, three hundred metres upstream along the section flowing down the northern edge of Hoo Brook Pasture. The tree fell last year, bridging the north and south banks of the brook. The River Stour water level is low at the moment, as is the brook flowing into it. The fallen tree, and other debris, has formed an effective dam. The difference in water levels, upstream… Read More

This is Hoo Brook Pasture at the northern border of Wilden Marsh; the newest of our reinstated pastures. It’s going to take a few years to bring this willow and alder scrub infested area up to standard – it was a wood three years ago. We might spend time here on Sunday, depending on how we get on in Riverside Pasture. This pasture is too dry and might be considered in decline… Read More

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