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Being manager of The Wilden Marsh Insect Hotel is not a feet up on the desk, telling others what to do, and waiting for the salary cheque and retirement sort of job. For a start, there isn’t a desk, nor people to order about, or a salary cheque at the end of the month. However, being manager requires that I maintain the hotel in good order, keep the residents happy, attract passing trade, and do… Read More

Back in October 2014, with help from the Wilden Marshers, I built an insect hotel (basically a square log pile with a waterproof roof) from willow and alder we were coppicing at the time. It is sited on the east bank of North Pond, close to the living otter holt. I intended this part of the North Pasture to be a rough and wild place, and even thought about constructing a hurdle fence around the area to keep… Read More