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Sunrise: 04.46    Sunset: 09.33 These doc shield bugs have remained coupled like this on the same stem for the last three to four days. I pass them morning and evening. They are at the same insect hot-spot I shot the bees and had my kerfuffle with the hornet yesterday evening. Within seconds of my getting these shield bugs’ images, I heard the drone of a hornet in the distance. Unlike yesterday… Read More

Sunrise: 04.56 Sunset: 09.18

Sunrise: 06.52  Sunset: 07.12 The hornet was back at its drinking crevice tonight, together with moths and slugs. The oak tree must be pumping out tasty sap. They were very tolerant of each other, and waited patiently for their turn at the trough.

Sunrise: 06.50  Sunset: 07.15 It was quiet in the wood this evening. The only thing I saw worth photographing was a hornet having a drink from an oak tree crevice.

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