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I had a conversation the other day with a person living next to a parcel of partly wooded land with a public footpath going through it. The land, he said, is owned by his local council and is classified as not having a designated use. He asked if I knew what is involved in getting the wood classified as a nature reserve. I didn’t have a complete answer, but I suggested, if… Read More

Sunrise: 07.39 Sunset: 05.06 I surveyed Hoo Wood today, an annual activity, to see what has changed over the previous year. February is the best month to do it – when the vegetation has died back as far as it is going to before the new growing season starts. As part of the survey, I tracked the Hoo Wood dog fox to get an idea of his activity. It’s a hard task… Read More

Sunrise: 08.04 Sunset: 03.56 This track leads to the wild side, between Hoo Wood to the left, and the flooded Withy Wood to the right. The trees grow very close together in Withy Wood. To get in and out I have to turn sideways, force long slender tree trunks apart and ease myself through. There are mysterious things and wondrous places hidden deep within this wood. The trees growing in the mud… Read More

Sunrise: 07.00 Sunset: 07.01