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After the storms and flooding of last week and early this week, I moved the new herd back the Tenant Farmer’s Field yesterday. If you are wondering why I’m shouting at the cattle in this video, it’s because I don’t want them to wander into the Flooded Wood Pasture running the length of the corridor between the two pastures. If they had decided to graze the Flooded Wood Pasture, it might have taken ages… Read More

I received a text this afternoon telling me that Wayne and Waynetta have been delivered to the marsh, so I called in to see them this evening. They must have had a hard day because they were both sleeping in the North Pasture. The rest of the cattle were also bedded down.            

It seems that many people heard the heavy rain on Saturday night/Sunday morning; I didn’t because I was fast asleep in bed. It wasn’t raining as I made my breakfast on Sunday morning, so the height of the River Stour and Hoo Brook surprised me when I arrived on the marsh a little later. Normally, high river and brook water levels isn’t an issue for me, the more water the better as far as I’m concerned,  but the… Read More

    Feint sounds of merriment and energetic music occasionally drift down the bank from the West Midlands Safari Park at Bewdley, a few miles to the west. Water tumbling over the Middle Marsh weir, 50 metres away, sounds like a stiff breeze when the river is not in flood and is not at all an assault on the ears; in fact, I rarely hear it – my brain accepts the weir and it’s… Read More

  The next job for the cattle when they’ve finished with the south marsh entrance section is grazing the Tenant Farmer’s Field (3.2 acres), which nestles nicely between the Rhombus Field (4 acres) and the River Stour, to the west, flowing north to south on its way through the nearby town of Stourport on Severn, a couple of miles downstream, and into the River Severn immediately south of it. The east side… Read More

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