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I shut the cattle in our relatively new Hoo Brook Pasture overnight and this morning to continue their task of eating the large amount of willow scrub, nettles, docs and thistles growing in there, as well as a lot of other assorted vegetation that needs grazing. Since this pasture was heavily wooded just two years ago, it’s a mess in there at the moment, but the cattle will sort things out if I can keep them active in here for long… Read More

I left the cattle busily eating doc and nettles yesterday morning, but as soon as they think I have gone this is how they behave. The marsh cattle live a life of luxury!

I experienced a ‘moment’ this morning whilst chillin’ amongst the cattle along Hoo Brook, maybe it was a déjà vu moment. Whatever kind of moment it was, the realisation that I’ll not have to fight my way though thick vegetation at the north end of the marsh this year has pleased me greatly. Last year, thanks to the new northern corridor and new stock fencing and gates, we were able to graze Hoo Brook… Read More

  The first of this year’s honeysuckle flowers.